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Species of the month: the sexton beetle

Athayde Tonhasca suggests that there is more to the sexton beetle Nicrophorus vespilloides than meets the eye. If you go for a stroll in the woods now and then, you may have come across a dead bird or small mammal. You … Continue reading

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Species of the month – the basking shark

The name says it all: Cetorhinus maximus, ‘the greatest sea monster nose’. This is the basking shark, the world’s second largest fish (up to 12 m long) and a common visitor to Scottish waters during the summer months. The basking … Continue reading

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Species of the month – wasp

I saw a wasp upon a wall And did not like his face at all: And so the creature had no time To wonder whether he liked mine. ‘Plain Murder’, A.G. Prys-Jones.     The maligned common wasp (Vespula vulgaris) … Continue reading

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