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Peatlands – the jewels in Scotland’s crown

In today’s blog, Sue Walker, Peatland ACTION Communications Officer, explains the vital role of Scotland’s peatlands and how the Peatland ACTION partnership, led by Nature Scot, is working with landowners and communities to help deliver peatland restoration projects. Over a … Continue reading

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Happy World Seagrass Day from Scotland!

Today’s blog celebrates World Seagrass Day with a look at some of Scotland’s work and recent achievements in the global fight to restore and protect this crucial habitat. Dr Richard J Lilley, Co-founder of Project Seagrass, tells us more… When … Continue reading

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A Gaelic View of ‘Wild’

The Gaelic equivalent of the English word ‘rewilding’ is ‘ath-fhiadhachadh’. Roddy Maclean argues that the word, and the concept, sit comfortably within a Gaelic world-view. Continue reading

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Fairy Mountains of the Gàidhealtachd

The word sìth for ‘fairy mountain’ is less frequent than its diminutive form sìthean, but it is to be found in the names of some significant and beautiful hills. Leugh ann an Gàidhlig Many readers will be aware that the … Continue reading

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Sìthean na Gàidhealtachd

Chan eil am facal sìth cho bitheanta ri a mheanbh-riochd, sìthean, ach tha e ri fhaicinn ann an ainmean grunn bheanntan brèagha. Read in English Bidh leughadairean gu leòr eòlach air an fhacal sìthean agus mar a bhios daoine a’ … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Landscape Monitoring Programme

Publication of three new indicators: Urban Greenspace, Local Landscape Areas and Urban Vacant & Derelict Land Background Our landscapes can make a significant contribution to the way we live and our overall wellbeing. Importantly they contribute to biodiversity and climate change … Continue reading

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Case studies in rewilding and large-scale nature restoration

Many of us have heard about ‘rewilding’. There are some excellent examples of exciting rewilding projects in Scotland, such as on our Creag Meagaidh National Nature Reserve. Rewilding is about working with natural processes, guided by people at least in … Continue reading

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Yellow plant of Beltane

The marsh marigold is a vivid reminder of the close links between Gaelic culture and the Scottish seasons, as Ruairidh MacIlleathain explains. Leugh ann an Gàidhlig The day that starts the summer, now the first of May, is still known … Continue reading

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Lus buidhe Bealltainn

Tha na Gàidheil fhathast a’ comharrachadh na Bealltainn, co-dhiù le bhith ag ainmeachadh a’ chiad latha dhen Chèitean mar ‘Latha Buidhe Bealltainn’. Tha ‘buidhe’ an dà chuid na chomharra de dhath agus de dheagh fhortan (canaidh sinn ‘nach buidhe dhut’ … Continue reading

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Nathraichean Nimhe is Gliocais

Tha àite mòr aig an nathair ann am beul-aithris nan Gàidheal Read in English Bha na seann Ghàidheil gu math measail air tòimhseachain, agus seo eisimpleir de a leithid, ged nach bi e furasta do dhaoine anns an latha an-diugh … Continue reading

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