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Woodland restructuring – creating natural woodlands at Beinn Eighe NNR

As the wildlife at Beinn Eighe NNR busily prepares for winter, it’s a busy time too for our team, as work continues on improving and expanding the native woodlands at the reserve. Over the years we have undertaken a number … Continue reading

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Species of the month – mycorrhizal fungi – a 400 million year partnership

When early plants started to colonise the land, 410 to 440 million years ago, they had a problem. While the nutrients they needed to grow moved to them in the water, on land they had to move to the nutrients. … Continue reading

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Species of the month – Scots pine

More than any other tree, the Scots pine gives some of Scotland’s oldest Highland woods their distinctive appearance. The dark green of its canopy and the orange-brown of the trunks are part of that beauty. So, too, is the way … Continue reading

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