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Dingwall Bay Spartina control

Over the past few years, RSPB, with funding from NatureScot, has been successfully controlling the invasive Spartina cord-grass from the Dingwall Bay area, helping to improve the condition of the sensitive coastal habitats, and in turn improve opportunities for the … Continue reading

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Improving the Flow for our visitors

Our NatureScot student placement scheme provides great opportunities for recent graduates to get invaluable work experience that puts their new skills into practice. Fraser Wilson studied Countryside Management at Scotland’s Rural College and is now working with our NNR team, … Continue reading

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An Calltainn – Craobh ar n-Annsachd

Tha àite sònraichte aig a’ chraoibh-challtainn ann an saoghal traidiseanta nan Gàidheal. Read in English Tha an calltainn (Corylus avellana) na craoibh shònraichte do na Gàidheil mar a tha e do shlòigh air feadh na Roinn Eòrpa agus taobh an … Continue reading

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Mapping the way forward for Scotland’s pollinators

Our blog today looks at one of the many projects NatureScot is working on to improve the future for our vital pollinating insects. Cameron, one of this year’s NatureScot graduate placements who is mapping Scotland’s pollinator-friendly habitats, tells us more … Continue reading

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Dè an dath – agus ainm ceart – a th’ air a’ Bhrù-dhearg?

An ann dearg no ruadh a tha broilleach a’ bhrù-dheirg (no an ruadhain mar a chanadh cuid!)? Read in English Dè an dath a th’ air broilleach – no brù – a’ bhrù-dheirg? Tha an fhreagairt follaiseach, nach eil – … Continue reading

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Bearing Down on Ursid Toponyms

Wild bears have long gone from Scotland’s landscape but echoes of them remain in our place-names … Read in Gaelic It’s far from clear when European brown bears became extinct in Scotland, but it wasn’t yesterday, and it is therefore … Continue reading

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Mac-talla a’ Mhathain air Tìr

ʼS fhada on a dh’fhalbh na mathain fhiadhaich mu dheireadh, ach tha na creutairean seo a’ nochdadh – an siud ʼs an seo – nar n-ainmean-àite fhathast … Read in English Chan eil e soilleir cuin a bhàsaich am mathan … Continue reading

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Land at the heart of nature-based-solutions

Transforming how we use land is an  essential  part  of our  response  to  the  climate  emergency. Great  progress  could  be  made  rapidly  in  agriculture,  forestry  and  other  land  uses  by  using  existing  technologies. But we will need to go further … Continue reading

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Soilleireachadh ‘dubhair’ air mapaichean / Shedding light on toponymic ‘darkness’

Airson ainmean-àite le ‘dubh’ a thuigsinn, ʼs dòcha gum feumar coimhead air slighe na grèine / To interpret place-names with the descriptor ‘dubh’ you may need to look at the path of the sun … Soilleireachadh ‘dubhair’ air mapaichean Is … Continue reading

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Cairt-làir – lus beag le cliù mòr / Tormentil – little plant with a big reputation

Ged a tha e beag, tha dualchas iongantach aig a’ chairt-làir, gu h-àraidh am measg nan Gàidheal / Tormentil might be small and little celebrated today, but it played a substantial role in the social history of northern Scotland … … Continue reading

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