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Protecting Orkney’s voles

Today, we have a fascinating guest post from Ann Cockerton, who until recently was the Orkney Native Wildlife Project communications manager. Our annual wildlife monitoring surveys concluded last month with the completion of the Orkney vole surveys. The Orkney vole … Continue reading

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Exotic pets can be a danger to native wildlife

Pets that are released, or escape, into the wild can be a danger to our native wildlife. The European Union has placed some of the worst offenders a list of invasive alien species of concern. Stan Whitaker, our non-native species … Continue reading

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Getting to grips with an alien

It looks like a plant from another planet. The European Union has placed American skunk cabbage on a list of invasive alien species of concern.  Stan Whitaker, our non-native species adviser, looks at the implications for nature conservationists and gardeners.  The … Continue reading

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Feral goats: don’t be a silly-billy, there are goats around

Goats have been around for a long time. The first domesticated animals arrived around 5000 years ago with Neolithic farmers and were used, as the name would suggest, as farmyard animals. The wild goat, or capra aegagrus, is native to … Continue reading

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An unwelcome arrival

The Asian hornet (Vespa velutina) has been sighted in Gloucestershire, possibly making its way into the UK from France. This is not good news because Asian hornets are aggressive predators, feeding on honey bees and other insects – although we … Continue reading

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Conservationists fight Aliens

Invasive Species Week starts today, as Iain Macdonald an SNH Biodiversity Adviser reveals, and sees a week of events across the UK to raise awareness about the problems caused by invasive animal and plant species. The idea of the week is … Continue reading

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Repelling invasives

Aliens were in the news last week – but these ones are from right here on planet Earth. In a week-long awareness raising push by the UK Government, invasive, non-native species and the problems they can cause were put under … Continue reading

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Aliens in our mindst

Summer sees more people exploring the countryside, admiring the plants and animals. However, not all is as it seems, aliens might be lurking in the undergrowth! Sarah Smyth, our Biodiversity Implementation Officer, explains how work is afoot to tackle this … Continue reading

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