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The hare necessities

The bare necessities of informed wildlife management are that we can assess how populations respond to environmental change and management. To support the sustainable management of Scottish mountain hares, Scottish Natural Heritage is working with scientists from the James Hutton … Continue reading

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Where in the UK are New Zealand Flatworms and what are they up to?  It’s a good question, and people around the UK are being asked to help researchers from the University of Aberdeen and the James Hutton Institute pinpoint … Continue reading

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Mountain hares

Mountain hares have been in the news of late. Rob Raynor and Vicki Mowat reflect on recent controversy concerning this extremely popular species. Mountain hares are a special part of Scotland’s nature. They’re Britain’s only truly arctic/alpine mammals and our … Continue reading

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The world beneath our feet

Soil is an absolutely key resource across the world. Here in Scotland we rely on the quality of our soil for the crops we grow, our stunning natural landscapes and the high standard of water quality we enjoy. Indeed soil … Continue reading

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