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Endangered Species Day – freshwater pearl mussels

Each year Endangered Species Day shines a light on some of our most threatened species. Here Orla Hilton from NatureScot’s South Highland team takes a look at the critically endangered freshwater pearl mussel and what can be done to help … Continue reading

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Mussels left high and dry in drought?

A new report published by NatureScot has found evidence that a drought in 2018 had a detrimental impact on freshwater pearl mussel populations in several Scottish rivers. In today’s blog, river restoration graduate placement Orla Hilton takes a closer look … Continue reading

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Time to celebrate bugs in the Cairngorms National Park

Which animals would pop into your head, if you were asked to list the most iconic species of wildlife found in the Cairngorms National Park. Red deer? Golden eagles? Red squirrels? Pine marten perhaps? Or maybe it’s the charismatic capercaillie? … Continue reading

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Pearls in Peril

Freshwater pearl mussels are an important, if slightly obscure, resident in many of our rivers.  Pearl mussels live partly hidden amongst the stones and boulders on the riverbed.  They remain critically endangered across Europe due to threats including pollution, construction … Continue reading

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Species of the month

February – Freshwater Pearl Mussel Few people are fully aware of the significance of the freshwater pearl mussel, a species that lives ‘hidden’ in cold, fast-flowing rivers yet is embedded in our history, culture and biodiversity. The freshwater pearl mussel … Continue reading

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