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Creagan, Aibhnichean is Minn a’ Leum / Crags, Rivers and Leaping Kids

Tha minn a’ nochdadh gu tric air aghaidh na tìre air a’ Ghàidhealtachd /  Young goats appear in many places in Scotland’s Gaelic landscape. Creagan, Aibhnichean is Minn a’ Leum Ann an monadh Chinn Tìre, deas air an Tairbeart, tha abhainn … Continue reading

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Feral goats: don’t be a silly-billy, there are goats around

Goats have been around for a long time. The first domesticated animals arrived around 5000 years ago with Neolithic farmers and were used, as the name would suggest, as farmyard animals. The wild goat, or capra aegagrus, is native to … Continue reading

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