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Terrific Tern Rafts

Thanks to a grant from the Scottish Government’s Nature Restoration Fund, managed by NatureScot, two tern rafts have been created at RSPB Scotland’s Loch of Spiggie nature reserve in Shetland. Today’s guest blog explains how these floating platforms are helping … Continue reading

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Monitoring the not-so-common Common Crane in North East Scotland

Today, we welcome back guest blogger and ace photographer Ron Macdonald, who takes us on an amazing visual and auditory journey following common cranes in North East Scotland, as he volunteers for RSPB to help monitor and understand this recovering … Continue reading

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The ‘Goose’ that Calls the Rain

In Gaelic tradition, the red-throated diver not only predicts rain but actually ‘calls it in’. Leugh ann an Gàidhlig A few months ago, I wrote a blog about birds whose behaviour – according to Gaelic tradition – might be used … Continue reading

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‘Gèadh’ Ruadh an Uisge

Bidh an learga-ruadh ‘ag èigheachd air an uisge’, co-dhiù a rèir beul-aithris. Read in English Beagan mhìosan air ais, sgrìobh mi blog mu eòin a bhios ag innse dhuinn mun aimsir romhainn, co-dhiù ann am beul-aithris nan Gàidheal. Bidh an … Continue reading

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Bird photography – do I need a licence?

In our latest blog, we take a look at bird photography and the issues that people need to consider to ensure they stay within the law and don’t disturb wildlife. The explosion in digital photography and associated technology in the … Continue reading

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Gulls: do you love them or loathe them?

The urban gull. People either love them or loathe them. Perhaps you like feeding them. Or maybe you get annoyed when they swoop down and steal your chips. If you’re woken up by noisy gulls, it may seem like they … Continue reading

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Birds of Premonition

The Gaels traditionally viewed some bird behaviours as predictors of future events… Leugh ann an Gàidhlig Birds are active creatures whose lives intertwine regularly with our own. Some of our avian friends even make their homes in and around our … Continue reading

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Eòin nam Manaidhean

ʼS iomadh eun a dh’innseas dhuinn dè tha romhainn … Read in English Tha na ceanglaichean eadar eòin agus daoine gu math làidir. Nach tuirt ar sinnsearan gum b’ e Linn an Àigh nuair a bha Gàidhlig aig na h-eòin?! … Continue reading

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Bho Bheul an Eòin

Tha cruthachadh ainmean ùra Gàidhlig airson cuid de lusan is ainmhidhean ùra na h-Alba aig teis-meadhan pròiseact com-pàirteachaidh air leth a tha a’ faighinn taic le NatureScot agus Bòrd na Gàidhlig. Read in English Tha am pròiseact, Bho Bheul an … Continue reading

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On a hide to nothing…how to remove a bird hide from the middle of a wetland.

Our NatureScot student placement scheme provides great opportunities for recent graduates to get invaluable work experience that puts their new skills into practice. Countryside Management graduate Fraser Wilson continues his series of posts about his work as a National Nature Reserve Assistant, helping to maintain … Continue reading

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