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Sign up for the Southern Scotland Bat Survey!

In our February Species of the Month blog we featured the Brandt’s bat – a new confirmed species bat for Scotland (http://ow.ly/Zd2OH). Continuing with the batty theme, we now report on an exciting new citizen science survey of bats due … Continue reading

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Species of the month – Brandt’s bat

Bats are notoriously tricky beasts to study. They’re small, nocturnal, can fly fast and many of the species look very similar. And when they’re not out and about, they are experts at hiding away in small cavities in buildings and … Continue reading

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Bats, people and buildings

As the warmth of spring arrives and bats return to their summer roosts, staff at Scottish Natural Heritage often find themselves busy preparing for the flourish of bat activity. Bats are commonly found in people’s homes during the spring and … Continue reading

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Cardrona Tower – a ‘des res’ for bats

There are eighteen species of bat found in the UK, although the further north you travel, the range of species declines. In the Scottish Borders there are at least six species : common and soprano pipistrelle, Daubenton’s bat, Natterer’s bat, … Continue reading

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