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Foraging Fortnight – a celebration of Scotland’s wild food

Elderberries, brambles, crab apples, hazelnuts and chanterelles are just some of the delicious wild finds of early autumn.  The first Foraging Fortnight, supported mainly by EU LEADER funding, coincides with this season of abundance – it runs from 31st August … Continue reading

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Find autumn gold in Scotland’s National Nature Reserves

Autumn, with its depth of colour and light, is a fantastic season to get out and explore our mountains, forests and coasts, especially if you’re looking for ideas to get the kids active during the school break. Scotland’s wonderful National … Continue reading

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Faoileagan nan Seanfhaclan / Seagulls of Many Proverbs

Tha na faoileagan a’ nochdadh ann an mòran sheanfhaclan is abairtean / Seagulls appear in large number of Gaelic proverbs and observations about nature Faoileagan nan Seanfhaclan Tha e iongantach na th’ againn de sheanfhaclan co-cheangailte ri faoileagan. Bidh sibh … Continue reading

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The fruits of Snapberry

Caroline Anderson has been coordinating the Snapberry project since 2009.  Snapberry uses photography to connect school pupils with the natural landscape of Argyll. It is a collaboration between local Scottish Natural Heritage staff and Lochgilphead High School.  Under the expert guidance … Continue reading

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Butterfly invasion!

Our guest blog this week is written by our Isle of May national nature reserve manager, David Steel, who saw an influx of a favourite visitor to the island this week. Painted Lady butterfly Over the last five days, the … Continue reading

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Crios Gaisgich, Aspirin agus Tì / ‘Cuchullin’s Belt’, Aspirin and Tea

Seo àm math dhen bhliadhna airson a bhith a’ faicinn agus a’ cruinneachadh lus a tha co-cheangailte ri fear de na gaisgich as ainmeile againn / This is a great time to see and forage a plant named for one … Continue reading

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Island life – volunteering on The May

You might have noticed from Twitter that last week our Chief Exec, Francesca Osowska, was working on our Isle of May National Nature Reserve (NNR).  Her reasons for spending time on the Isle of May were twofold: to see life … Continue reading

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The wild flowers of St Cyrus

Simon Ritchie has been working at St Cyrus National Nature Reserve since he was 16 – initially as a volunteer, he is currently employed as a Seasonal Reserve Officer. Here Simon talks about one of the many features that make … Continue reading

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A’ Mhuc Bheag Reamhar a Bhios a’ Puthadaich / The Little Fat Puffing ‘Pig’

Tha grunn fhaclan Gàidhlig airson ‘porpoise’; thàinig am fear as cumanta on Albais / There are many Gaelic names for the common or harbour porpoise; the most common came into the language from Scots A’ Mhuc Bheag Reamhar a Bhios … Continue reading

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Why we welcome beavers – but also need to support farmers

It has been one month since beavers were added to the list of European Protected Species of Animals and protected under Scottish law. We look at the benefits beavers can bring, and work being done to tackle the problems they … Continue reading

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