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Fungi forays: a safe way to enjoy nature’s larder

September is a great month for fungi foragers. If you were out walking through woodlands at the weekend you might have noticed an array of different types of fungi along the way. However, to take advantage of this free and … Continue reading

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Fish-bones and Apricot jam-tarts

Hidden Treasures – part two. Sandy Coppins is an internationally recognised lichen expert and we are delighted that she has agreed to pen a two-part blog for us.  In part one (published last week) Sandy explained what lichens are, now … Continue reading

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Wild, wet and wonderful …

They maybe haven’t featured amongst Scotland’s Big Five … but mosses and liverworts – known as ‘Bryophytes’ – are some of Scotland’s most fascinating and important wildlife.  Julie Smith is a Natural Talent apprentice with TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) and … Continue reading

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Naturally Scottish

Did you know that we have a series of booklets – free to download on our website – covering some of the most interesting species in Scotland ?  Our Naturally Scottish publications offer an insight into the lives of what … Continue reading

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Hazel Gloves

Hazel Gloves: an inhabitant of Scotland’s special Atlantic hazelwoods Hazel is a common tree throughout Europe, but on Scotland’s exposed west coast, it forms a very special type of woodland that we call Atlantic hazelwood. High rainfall, relatively mild winters … Continue reading

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Bog beacon peaking soon

They’re not plants and they’re not animals but you can find them living all over the world in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colours and smells. Some are tasty but be careful, as others can be poisonous! More than 12,000 … Continue reading

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