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The Terns of Forvie

At Forvie National Nature Reserve (NNR) the breeding season for the terns is coming to an end. It has been another mixed year for one of Scotland’s biggest colonies of terns and a time when the NNR staff and volunteers … Continue reading

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Crios Gaisgich, Aspirin agus Tì / ‘Cuchullin’s Belt’, Aspirin and Tea

Seo àm math dhen bhliadhna airson a bhith a’ faicinn agus a’ cruinneachadh lus a tha co-cheangailte ri fear de na gaisgich as ainmeile againn / This is a great time to see and forage a plant named for one … Continue reading

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A’ Mhuc Bheag Reamhar a Bhios a’ Puthadaich / The Little Fat Puffing ‘Pig’

Tha grunn fhaclan Gàidhlig airson ‘porpoise’; thàinig am fear as cumanta on Albais / There are many Gaelic names for the common or harbour porpoise; the most common came into the language from Scots A’ Mhuc Bheag Reamhar a Bhios … Continue reading

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Why we welcome beavers – but also need to support farmers

It has been one month since beavers were added to the list of European Protected Species of Animals and protected under Scottish law. We look at the benefits beavers can bring, and work being done to tackle the problems they … Continue reading

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An t-Eun Subhach a tha a’ Ro-innse Bàs / The Joyful Bird that Foretells Death

Tha a’ chuthag subhach, ach faodaidh i naidheachd dhuilich a ghiùlan leatha, co-dhiù a rèir beul-aithris / The cuckoo is a happy bird but can carry sad news, according to Gaelic tradition An t-Eun Subhach a tha a’ Ro-innse Bàs … Continue reading

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Livestock Worrying – “Your Dog – Your Responsibility”

Enjoying the outdoors with your dog can be a fantastic experience but it’s important to remember to explore responsibly. Many people live, work and day-trip in the countryside so there are many things to think about when looking after your … Continue reading

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Lusan a tha a’ Casg na Fala / Blood-staunching Plants

Tha grunn lusan dùthchasach air an tomhas mar èifeachdach ann a bhith a’ casg sileadh fala à lotan / A number of our native plants have been traditionally used to help prevent blood flow from skin wounds Lusan a tha … Continue reading

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Taking the Lead on Responsible Dog Handling

As weather continues to improve you may be looking for new places to explore but remember that dogs and livestock rarely mix well. This week we have a guest post from Karen Ramoo, a Policy Adviser in Access, Conservation & … Continue reading

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Èildean ann an Ainmean-àite / Hinds in Place-names

Tha am facal eilid a’ nochdadh gu tric ann an ainmean-àite air a’ Ghàidhealtachd, mar a tha Ruairidh MacIlleathain a’ mìneachadh / The Gaelic name for the red deer hind appears frequently in the Highland landscape, as Roddy Maclean explains. … Continue reading

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Scottish Natural Heritage Staff Reveal Their Favourite Dog Walks

Scotland has so many great places to walk and what better way to experience them than with a furry friend at your side! With plenty of fantastic options it’s hard to choose where to go so we’ve asked our Scottish … Continue reading

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