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A Gaelic View of ‘Wild’

The Gaelic equivalent of the English word ‘rewilding’ is ‘ath-fhiadhachadh’. Roddy Maclean argues that the word, and the concept, sit comfortably within a Gaelic world-view. Continue reading

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‘Ath-fhiadhachadh’ tro Shùilean nan Gàidheal

Tha Ruairidh MacIlleathain a’ cumail a-mach gu bheil ‘ath-fhiadhachadh’ nàdarrach gu leòr mar bheachd-smuain agus mar fhacal Continue reading

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Remote community partnership achieves big wins for wildlife, heritage and people

Coigach & Assynt Living Landscape is one of the largest community-led partnerships in Scotland, with 10 of its 14 partners drawn from local communities. Despite a population of just 1400, these tiny communities have pulled together to bring significant positive … Continue reading

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Fairy Mountains of the Gàidhealtachd

The word sìth for ‘fairy mountain’ is less frequent than its diminutive form sìthean, but it is to be found in the names of some significant and beautiful hills. Leugh ann an Gàidhlig Many readers will be aware that the … Continue reading

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Sìthean na Gàidhealtachd

Chan eil am facal sìth cho bitheanta ri a mheanbh-riochd, sìthean, ach tha e ri fhaicinn ann an ainmean grunn bheanntan brèagha. Read in English Bidh leughadairean gu leòr eòlach air an fhacal sìthean agus mar a bhios daoine a’ … Continue reading

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LGBTQ+ Representation – Why Does it Matter?

Bethia Pearson, Practical Placement at Loch Leven National Nature Reserve and member of NatureScot’s LGBTQ+ Staff Network, shares her thoughts on why representation is important in conservation and on our nature reserves. Why does it matter? I don’t care what … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Landscape Monitoring Programme

Publication of three new indicators: Urban Greenspace, Local Landscape Areas and Urban Vacant & Derelict Land Background Our landscapes can make a significant contribution to the way we live and our overall wellbeing. Importantly they contribute to biodiversity and climate change … Continue reading

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From bog-sceptic to bog-enthusiast: the power of volunteering

To celebrate Volunteers’ Week, we asked David McCulloch, a volunteer at our Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve (NNR), to give us an insight into his volunteering experiences with NatureScot. I started volunteering for NatureScot in 2015, after taking early retirement. … Continue reading

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Monitoring the not-so-common Common Crane in North East Scotland

Today, we welcome back guest blogger and ace photographer Ron Macdonald, who takes us on an amazing visual and auditory journey following common cranes in North East Scotland, as he volunteers for RSPB to help monitor and understand this recovering … Continue reading

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Case studies in rewilding and large-scale nature restoration

Many of us have heard about ‘rewilding’. There are some excellent examples of exciting rewilding projects in Scotland, such as on our Creag Meagaidh National Nature Reserve. Rewilding is about working with natural processes, guided by people at least in … Continue reading

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