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Enhanced Shepherding: Working together to find solutions to a complex issue

Lambing season on Scotland’s hills can be a challenging time for farmers and crofters.  In this guest blog we hear from Freya King from Skye who has been delivering enhanced shepherding supported by the Sea Eagle Management Scheme, a measure … Continue reading

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Flora Gadelica

Tha cunntasan gu leòr mu bheul-aithris nan Gàidheal co-cheangailte ri craobhan ann am Flora Scotica le Iain Lightfoot (1777) Read in English Bithear a’ moladh an Urramaich Iain Lightfoot (1735-88) airson a shàr-obrach Flora Scotica, a chaidh fhoillseachadh ann an … Continue reading

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Yellow plant of Beltane

The marsh marigold is a vivid reminder of the close links between Gaelic culture and the Scottish seasons, as Ruairidh MacIlleathain explains. Leugh ann an Gàidhlig The day that starts the summer, now the first of May, is still known … Continue reading

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Lus buidhe Bealltainn

Tha na Gàidheil fhathast a’ comharrachadh na Bealltainn, co-dhiù le bhith ag ainmeachadh a’ chiad latha dhen Chèitean mar ‘Latha Buidhe Bealltainn’. Tha ‘buidhe’ an dà chuid na chomharra de dhath agus de dheagh fhortan (canaidh sinn ‘nach buidhe dhut’ … Continue reading

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Bird photography – do I need a licence?

In our latest blog, we take a look at bird photography and the issues that people need to consider to ensure they stay within the law and don’t disturb wildlife. The explosion in digital photography and associated technology in the … Continue reading

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Nathraichean Nimhe is Gliocais

Tha àite mòr aig an nathair ann am beul-aithris nan Gàidheal Read in English Bha na seann Ghàidheil gu math measail air tòimhseachain, agus seo eisimpleir de a leithid, ged nach bi e furasta do dhaoine anns an latha an-diugh … Continue reading

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Adders of Poison and Wisdom

Adders have a significant place in Gaelic folklore Leugh ann an Gàidhlig The old Gaels were very fond of puzzles, and here’s an example of one whose solution might not be immediately obvious to the modern eye or ear: Tha … Continue reading

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Gulls: do you love them or loathe them?

The urban gull. People either love them or loathe them. Perhaps you like feeding them. Or maybe you get annoyed when they swoop down and steal your chips. If you’re woken up by noisy gulls, it may seem like they … Continue reading

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Tackling rhododendron together

In our latest blog we explore how lessons learned from Scotland’s rainforest helped to avert a serious threat from invasive rhododendron in Norway. Scotland’s west coast is home to temperate rainforest habitat, which is scarcer than tropical rainforest and hosts … Continue reading

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Celebrating our Machair

It’s fitting that even English speakers use a Gaelic word for a habitat that is such an icon of the Gàidhealtachd. Leugh ann an Gàidhlig In the dark depths of winter, perhaps it’s appropriate to remind ourselves of the light … Continue reading

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