Celebrating Scotland’s Badgers

Scottish Badgers is an independent charity, founded in 1999 to promote the study, conservation and protection of badgers, their setts and their natural habitat in Scotland.  In today’s post, Scottish Badgers’ Operations Co-ordinator,  Emily Platt, tells us how they’ve made their Scottish Badger Week activities Covid-19-friendly, so we can all still celebrate the UK’s largest terrestrial carnivore…

badger by tree sm A Bantick

(C)A Bantick

Scottish Badger Week was set up back in 2017 as a means to celebrate and educate others on a species that for the most part, is fairly elusive. Even in this short space of time since its’ inception, it has grown from strength to strength, and we run the week in partnership with the Scottish Wildlife Trust, and kind sponsorship from Siemens. This year we did have a bumper week planned with events all around Scotland, but like much else, this took a drastic change in direction. We still have plenty to share, with each day ‘themed’ to cover a range of badger topics. We’ve still got some really exciting topics coming up, and our volunteers have been brilliant in contributing trail camera footage. Our badger behaviour day on Thursday is going to be particularly bumper packed!

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We will also be exploring new research that’s been conducted over the past year looking at above-ground badger ‘nests’; large piles of bedding, or vegetation which badgers use for, well it turns out a lot of things! Much of the current literature is quite patchy when it comes to assessing what these nests are and their function, so with the combination of a particularly interested volunteer in these structures, and a university student conducting a project on the topic as well, has lead to some really interesting results. To make it even more bizarre, one nest was even found up a tree! Trail cameras deployed on the site showed it was in regular badger use, so quite an exciting one.


A badger sett in the Cairngorms, (C)E Platt

As well as articles, interviews and videos for each of the days, we’re also running an art competition over on our Facebook page,  although you don’t have to be on this to join in – we’re looking for any badger themed art that you’d like to enter, and can fall under our four different age categories: Cubs (under 5’s), Weans (Primary aged), Juveniles (Secondary aged) and Adults. Entries can either be posted on our BROCKCRAFT 2020 group, or emailed to us with your name and age category you’d like to enter under. Every day on this page we’re also releasing an art prompt for the day, with an easy badger craft for anyone to try.


A badger sett near St Andrews, (C)E Platt

Our website is the best place to keep an eye on all the information we’ve been sharing over the week and we can also be found over on Facebook , Twitter  and Instagram .

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