Volunteering and learning new skills

David Murray has been volunteering with The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) in Glasgow for approximately three years.


David Murray

David about to go on a volunteer project with TCV.

“I was paid off from my job and did nothing for a couple of months, so I went online looking for something to do. I’ve always liked the outdoors, gardening and the like.  I saw something about TCV, so I just phoned up and started a few days later.

We do all sorts – building fences, clearing vegetation, digging ponds, tree and wildflower planting , even drystane dyking. I prefer helping to build things. It’s good for your CV – the job centre told me that as you’re doing something and employers think you’re still busy.

I’m out two or three times a week. It gets you out of your bed, so it’s something to do in the morning.  And it’s motivational – if I didn’t do this I would probably vegetate in front of the TV or something.

It gets you out of the house meeting and being with people, and having some chit-chat.  I love going anywhere where there’s a pond or nice scenery and trees, and I just like travelling around nice countryside.

 David Murray, TCV

And I’ve learned a lot – I’m interested in it all. Sometimes you don’t actually realise you’ve learned new skills, but you have. Things like making raised beds – it’s dead easy now as you just remember from the last time you did it. You learn! I just love the outdoors and you’re always doing something different. 

I’d definitely recommend volunteering to others, especially if you’re not working. There have been so many highlights. I just love the variety of the things that we do.”

The TCV Glasgow volunteers group is organised by Lauren Lochrie, Senior Project Officer: lauren.lochrie@tcv.org.uk or 0141 552 5294.

 You can visit the TCV Scotland website @ https://www.tcv.org.uk/scotland

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