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Michelle Munro from Parkhead, Glasgow, is a ‘regular’ with the mid-week volunteer group run by The Conservation Volunteers (TCV). This is her story of being a volunteer.

Michelle Munro 2

Michelle path building at Auchengillan Outdoor Centre.

“I was first told about volunteering with TCV by a friend – a former volunteer himself who thought I might like it too. That was almost three years ago, so I gave it a go and that was me – I’ve loved it ever since.

There are various things I like about the group – travelling to different places around the city, learning new skills, meeting new people and making a difference.

I don’t like to be in the house all the time – I like to get outdoors and keep fit and active. I don’t mind the weather, so come out with TCV three days a week come rain, snow or shine.

We do lots of different activities like building raised beds, path work, tree planting and cutting back Rhododendron. I love nature and seeing wildlife as well, things like bugs and butterflies. I recently discovered a ruby tiger moth caterpillar which I’d never seen before.

You learn a lot as a volunteer, such as how to plant trees properly and how to cut them down properly. And I’ve learned a lot about nature, including how lichens can be indicators of pollution.

To sum up my volunteering, I’d say – amazing!”

Michelle Munro 1

Michelle felling a small non-native tree at Cadder Wilderness SSSI, near Bishopbriggs, north of Glasgow, on behalf of SNH.

The TCV Glasgow volunteers group is organised by Lauren Lochrie, Senior Project Officer: lauren.lochrie@tcv.org.uk or 0141 552 5294.

Find out more on the TCV Scotland website @ https://www.tcv.org.uk/scotland

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