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Reviewing the biological recording infrastructure in Scotland

Scotland is famed for wildlife – bringing fascination and enjoyment on land, in our lochs and rivers, and surrounding seas. Our knowledge of wildlife distribution is founded on the skill and dedication of volunteer naturalists, recording plants and animals as … Continue reading

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As slow as it gets

Seasons would be boring but for their interstices. So says Jim Carruthers, our gardener at Battleby, as he shares his autumnal musings with us.  Winter into spring goes back and forth like a bout of boxing or basketball. There is … Continue reading

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25 years of SNH – a (very) brief reflection on SNH’s first quarter century

Still busy with the natural heritage after 40 years with SNH and the Nature Conservancy Council, Ewen Cameron recalls a few of the many successes. I was a Nature Conservancy Council (NCC) Reserve Warden for 16 years, transferring to SNH’s … Continue reading

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Sealladh Gàidhlig air Reul-bhad Ainmeil / A Gaelic interpretation of a familiar constellation

Tha na h-oidhcheannan dorcha a th’ againn an-dràsta a’ toirt deagh cothrom dhuinn sùil a thoirt air na speuran. Seo mar a bhios na Gàidheil a’ tuigsinn cruth is cumadh an reul-bhaid ris an canar Orion ann am Beurla. Nach … Continue reading

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Graduate intake 2017-2018 – our graduate placements…

We are delighted to welcome our third graduate intake for 2017-2018, with the addition of nine new individuals. Over the course of the year, they will be co-ordinating their own projects, and in turn, releasing blogs about progress over the … Continue reading

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25 years of SNH – Reserve Manager at Tentsmuir NNR

After working for BT for 28 years, Tom Cunningham needed a change of direction which resulted in the job he’d been dreaming about: managing Tentsmuir NNR. He started as the Assistant Reserve Manager and nine months later he became the … Continue reading

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The strange appeal of cut and peel

Kenny Taylor, writer, naturalist, photographer and musician, returns with a guest blog that takes a look at West Highland woodlands. This is the third of six blogs he’ll be contributing relating to our National Nature Reserves over the next few … Continue reading

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25 years back along the paths

Ron McCraw takes us on a whistle stop tour of path management over the last quarter century. Ron worked for SNH for 18 years in a range of roles including Access Projects Manager. In 1992 I was Countryside Access Officer … Continue reading

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Saltmarshes on the fringe

The Eden Estuary is an important site for nature and is designated for its local, national and international importance. Dr Clare Maynard of the University of St Andrews explains her work in restoring the Eden’s saltmarsh habitat and its significance … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter: recognising and celebrating the influence that geology has on society

Scotland has a tremendous ‘geodiversity’, the essential abiotic part of nature: rocks, landforms, sediments and soils, and the processes which form and alter them. Angus Miller, Chair of the Scottish Geodiversity Forum, tells us more. Scotland is widely, and quite … Continue reading

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