Social Housing & Green Infrastructure

Ivan Clark, of our Plan and Placemaking team, explains how high quality green spaces provide opportunities for nature to thrive and for people to connect with nature close to where they live.

Ivan 1

An example of an ‘Isolated’ single function open space

There are still many places in Scotland, often associated with areas of disadvantage, where existing greenspace is of poor quality, or is not fulfilling its potential in terms of the number of benefits it could provide.

To address this, we have recently appointed Main Street Consulting to explore the possible barriers to better practice in terms of delivering good green infrastructure as part of social housing projects. We’ll be working closely with the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and some of their members to try to identify how we might do things differently.

Ivan 3

A good example of a multifunctional greenspace in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

The Steering Group for the project includes representatives from Scottish Government, the Central Scotland Green Network Trust, the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership and Architecture and Design Scotland.

Main Street Consulting will be engaging with a range of stakeholders over the coming months through an online survey and interactive workshops.


Ivan 4

Retro-fit raingarden, Sheffield

If you live in social housing or you’re involved in delivering or managing social housing and would like to contribute to the research, we would like to hear from you. For further details. Please contact 

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