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We are throwing a social media spotlight this month on our National Nature Reserves. These are fantastic places to experience the very best of Scotland’s nature … and there is warm welcome awaiting you. Today we interview our reserve manager at Craig Meagaidh NNR, the man we affectionately refer to as ‘Big Rory’.

Creag Meagaidh

What was the main appeal in working on a National Nature Reserve?

To be given an opportunity to take a part of the Scottish highlands where I was brought up, and restore it to its former glory and leave as a legacy for Scotland’s people is as good as it gets.


What is a typical work day like for you?

Not one day is the same, the variety of work and skills needed are vast and we have to be reactive to the weather conditions. Having around ten volunteers and staff to undertake work such as habitat monitoring, grass cutting, path maintenance, visitor surveys and many species projects keep us fully motivated.

Black Grouse.jpg

What is the best thing about your particular National Nature Reserve?

The visitor numbers have quadrupled in the last ten years and we have built Creag Meagaidh up as an education centre for internal and external use. We have  also managed to have up to forty volunteers and students each year who have gone on to achieve so much in life. With much reduced staff time we have progressed rapidly and are always looking for improvements in all aspects of our work. Our habitat restoration now provides  the perfect conditions for red deer, black grouse, dotterel and many other species to thrive.


What’s your favourite species on your reserve ?

The red deer are spectacular at any time of the year and now that they are getting their natural habitat back are continuing to thrive.



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