Supercat swings into action to save Scottish wildcat!

Scottish Wildcat Action have just launched an innovative and fun new campaign to save the endangered Scottish wildcat.


‘Supercat’ will appear on social media as part of a drive to boost responsible cat ownership.

Breeding between wildcats and what are known as feral cats (stray and farm cats) threatens to eventually wipe out the wildcats through disease.  But if your cat is micro-chipped, neutered, and vaccinated, it is a Supercat!

Supercat is the champion for pet cat neutering, vaccination and micro-chipping.  The campaign is bright and colourful, and allows the children of Scotland to learn more about the Scottish wildcat – a fascinating and elusive mammal which is shy of human contact.

Its aim is to encourage cat owners to neuter, vaccinate and microchip their pets to protect Scottish wildcats from interbreeding and disease.

Supercat campaign poster.

We’d really love it if you were able to do something for a day that is unique to you or your organisation, using the resources available or creating something of your own.

Maybe you could consider changing your logo for the day to add whiskers, hiding Supercat on your website and encouraging people to find him, or publishing a series of Scottish Wildcat Action (SWA) blogs.

Supercat comes with print-your-own stickers, a fun mask for children to cut out and keep, and a special photo frame – a large A0 sized Instagram/Twitter frame so YOU can stand inside and have a selfie taken.

Supercat campaign stickers

There are also various leaflets, posters, a ½ page advert, t-shirts and pop up banners.

And, as always, William the wildcat mascot is also available.

You can find all the Supercat campaign resources on the Scottish Wildcat Action website.

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