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Supercat swings into action to save Scottish wildcat!

Scottish Wildcat Action have just launched an innovative and fun new campaign to save the endangered Scottish wildcat. ‘Supercat’ will appear on social media as part of a drive to boost responsible cat ownership. Breeding between wildcats and what are … Continue reading

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Planning for Development

Peter Hutchinson, SNH’s Head of Planning and Development, reflects on changes in SNH’s approach and actions to support good development. When I started my career in planning in the 1980s, advice on the natural environment was characterised by ‘objections’ and … Continue reading

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SNH people – Alison Matheson

In the first of our series of posts highlighting the great variety of work people do within SNH, Alison Matheson, Policy and Advice Officer, based in our Inverness office, tells us about her job. Why did you want to work for SNH … Continue reading

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Earth Observation Project

Paul Wheelhouse (Minister of Business Innovation and Energy) spoke recently at the Data.Space Conference in Glasgow. He mentioned the exciting work that Scottish Government, SEPA and SNH are carrying out using Earth Observation data. Here’s a brief summary of what … Continue reading

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Why the chough needs a champion

Did you know that there is now a parliamentary majority of ‘Species Champions’ in the Scottish Parliament? Amanda Trask from the University of Aberdeen tells us more. This is great news for Scotland’s wildlife – 65 MSPs have each chosen … Continue reading

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Helping rivers to do what they can do…

Rivers provide us with many, many services. They help drain the land by carrying rain water to the sea.  They help our well being by providing us with a playground for sports ranging from fishing to canoeing to our many … Continue reading

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What is wild? If it is the opposite of tame, what is “tame”?  Are wildness or tameness a perception or a state of reality?  SNH’s Iain Macdonald ponders over this question in relation to wild geese on a cricket pitch. … Continue reading

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A blog escape from the city

For those of us who live and work in towns and cities, our daily lives awash with traffic, noise and business, the countryside can sometimes seem a faraway place. It can be a breath of fresh air to even read … Continue reading

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What exactly does a reserve assistant do?

 A lot of people don’t quite understand what it is I do, where I am or what my job is. I explain to them that I spend a lot of my time outdoors, share my experiences with others, and thoroughly … Continue reading

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