Growing up on the Isle of May

A busy breeding season on the Isle of May National Nature Reserve is all but over. Here Reserve Manager David Steel reflects on the season, and shares one or two charming pictures of the new batch of youngsters.

My how they grow. As the breeding season draws to a close it’s great to see so many youngsters on the wing. Huge numbers of puffin chicks have already successfully departed whilst Arctic terns, shags and kittiwake young can be seen scattered across the island.

The data has yet to be crunched for the breeding season, but in general it appears to have been good. Over the next few weeks we’ll start to see changes on the May as the seabirds depart and bird migration will pick up as small passerines use the island as a fuelling stop as they head south for the winter.

And then the fun will really begin as we welcome our grey seals…

The Isle of May is a stunning place for wildlife and keep tuning into the blog as we’ll be bringing you all the highs and lows over the next few months.

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