Celebrating WWF’s Earth Hour

This Saturday (19 March) at 8.30pm we will join millions across the world to celebrate WWF’s Earth Hour and switch off our lights for one hour to demonstrate that we, like so many of you, care about the future of our brilliant planet.

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By joining the global celebration, Scottish Natural Heritage will take part in a symbolic moment through an hour of energy saving and help put a spotlight on the issues facing the planet and to remind us that, together, we have the power to make change happen.

Our Chief Executive, Susan Davies, had this to say: “WWF’s Earth Hour is the world’s biggest celebration for our amazing planet with hundreds of millions of people from across the world coming together in a symbolic and spectacular lights out display.  This has now become an annual event to raise awareness of sustainability and climate change.

“Nearly 30 Scottish Public bodies took part last year and we have committed SNH once again to the Earth Hour initiative.  Earth Hour is also an opportunity for individuals to get involved directly by signing up here earthhour.wwf.org.uk/#signup.  10 million people signed up last year and I am sure that number will grow further.

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“I believe that Earth Hour serves as a timely reminder that together we can make change happen.  Within our organisation it complements some of our already existing greening and climate action initiatives and it helps make us think about the small things we can do every day to make a difference in our local environments. The choices we each make, from the energy we use, the way we travel, to the food we buy, have an impact on the environment (local and global) and there are simple steps we can take to make our daily lives more sustainable.

“Earth Hour is a symbolic moment, an opportunity to demonstrate both our organisational and personal commitment to making a difference; and to carry forward that commitment into the personal choices we make every day.  I look forward to hearing about how others choose to celebrate Earth Hour.”


Read our press release about Earth Hour.

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