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Alan Joyce – citizen scientist and inspiration

Citizen Science can appear like an ‘in-phrase’ at the moment, but it isn’t new and Alan Joyce was encouraging it many years ago in the north of Scotland. As a young man in the 1950s Alan read an article in … Continue reading

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Protecting Scotland’s maerl beds

The Scottish Government used an Urgent Marine Conservation Order (MCO) for the first time at the end of 2014, to protect a fragile ecosystem in the sea off Arran. Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead made the order in response to fishing … Continue reading

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Spring signs

The signs that spring is on the way are many and varied. Changing bird behaviour is one obvious indicator, and plants bursting into life is another. Here we take a brief look at things to spot and listen out for. … Continue reading

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Repelling invasives

Aliens were in the news last week – but these ones are from right here on planet Earth. In a week-long awareness raising push by the UK Government, invasive, non-native species and the problems they can cause were put under … Continue reading

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Habitat definitions

Do you know the difference between Lowland meadows and Lowland calcareous grassland ?  If not then read on, as Sarah Smyth of Scottish Natural Heritage reveals how the art of habitat definition is undergoing a transformation. In Scotland we have … Continue reading

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Cairngorms Nature

Cairngorms Nature is now a well-established partnership delivering an ambitious agenda for nature conservation in the Cairngorms. It brings together several organisations and engages a wide range of people with nature. Charlotte Milburn, of the Cairngorms National Park,  outlines what … Continue reading

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Mountain hares

Mountain hares have been in the news of late. Rob Raynor and Vicki Mowat reflect on recent controversy concerning this extremely popular species. Mountain hares are a special part of Scotland’s nature. They’re Britain’s only truly arctic/alpine mammals and our … Continue reading

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