Photo contest celebrates Scotland’s urban deer

Have you seen wild deer in the middle of the city, in a city park, or even wandering down a suburban street?  If so, get out your camera, as we’re holding a free photo contest to celebrate one of Scotland’s most popular animals. It’s Scotland’s first-ever Urban Deer Photography Competition.

A couple of roe deer roam around the car park at Glasgow Western Infirmary.

A couple of roe deer roam around the car park at Glasgow Western Infirmary.

More and more deer are moving into urban areas, as new green spaces and woodlands are created in the Central Belt and in towns and cities across the country. This means many more people in Scotland are enjoying seeing wild deer – and have the chance to take some stunning pictures.

There are two types of native deer in Scotland – red deer and roe deer. The majestic red deer is our largest terrestrial mammal, and one of the most impressive wildlife spectacles of Scotland. In contrast, the striking and delicate roe deer is found throughout mainland Scotland wherever there is a tiny patch of cover where they can hide by day. Roe deer are increasingly being seen in towns and cities, with some now even living close to the centre of Glasgow. Fallow and sika deer have also been introduced to Scotland through deliberate releases and escapes from country parks.

It’s easier than ever before to see wild deer in many places in towns and cities  – from parks to gardens to cemeteries and roundabouts. In fact, if you’re not aware of deer in your local park, you may want to take a walk and see what you’ll discover, particularly at dusk or dawn. Roe deer are found in every 10-kilometre square of mainland Scotland, so you’re never too far from deer – you just need to keep your eyes open and your camera ready!

There are two great prizes: the first is a day accompanying the Wildlife Operations Unit on a helicopter deer count over a part of the red deer range. The winner will have an amazing chance to photograph some of Scotland’s most scenic areas from the sky. The runner-up will be treated to a day of photography tuition with resident SNH photographer, Lorne Gill. Lorne is a widely respected photographer and will tailor the day to suit.

The closing date for entries is 1 March, 2015. Submit photos of deer in urban settings to . A maximum of three photos per person will be accepted.

For full contest rules, see

So get out there and get snapping! We can’t wait to see what you capture on film….

Read more about deer on the SNH website


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