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Coasting Through Summer

Our longest day is now behind us and flowers are appearing at many coastal sites, as well as woodlands. At Forvie National Nature Reserve, for example, you can now enjoy wild pansy and bird’s-foot trefoil in abundance, a mosaic of … Continue reading

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Snapberry success

Today’s blog is provided by pupils from Lochgilphead High School who were recently at the Scottish Parliament waiting excitedly to hear whether the Snapberry project had made it through to the finals of the RSPB Nature of Scotland 2013 awards. … Continue reading

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Bog beacon peaking soon

They’re not plants and they’re not animals but you can find them living all over the world in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colours and smells. Some are tasty but be careful, as others can be poisonous! More than 12,000 … Continue reading

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Cardrona Tower – a ‘des res’ for bats

There are eighteen species of bat found in the UK, although the further north you travel, the range of species declines. In the Scottish Borders there are at least six species : common and soprano pipistrelle, Daubenton’s bat, Natterer’s bat, … Continue reading

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Migrating Birds

Spring in Scotland marks the return of many migrant birds who come here to breed over the summer months. Common migrants like the swallow and house martin, are a familiar sight returning to the same nest year after year. Both … Continue reading

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