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Spring has sprung!

Following our Spring flowers … blooming brilliant! post, spring has definitely sprung.  A lot has happened in a couple of weeks and wild flowers are now out in abundance. A firm favourite is the bluebell,  sometimes also known as the … Continue reading

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Fascinating adders

The adder is the only species of  venomous snake found in Scotland. Easily identified by its dark zigzag markings it is widespread, although they are generally timid creatures and not frequently seen. Like other reptiles, they grow until they become … Continue reading

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Spring flowers … blooming brilliant!

Traditionally spring is the season when the beauty of emerging flowers becomes most obvious. Spring flowers aren’t just a boost to the spirits but a classic sign that winter is over.  Whether it’s snowdrops, lesser celandine, wood anemone, bluebells or … Continue reading

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Getting close to Highland wildlife

It’s been an exciting year so far on the National Nature Reserves (NNRs) we look after in the Highlands, as we’ve been using remote cameras to get a better look at some of the nesting birds. At Corrieshalloch Gorge NNR … Continue reading

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