IT is in our nature

The chances are that you are reading this on a smart phone, tablet or a laptop: possibly on the go, or maybe just killing time? The way we communicate has changed dramatically over the last decade: ten years ago there was no Facebook (launched 2004) or Twitter (2006) and few of us knew much about web logs, or blogs.

At SNH we’re proud of what we do and we want to tell you about our wide-ranging work. Funded by Scottish Government, SNH works in partnership with a wide range of organisations and individuals to protect and enhance Scotland’s nature and landscapes. In sharing information about our work we want to help everyone to understand more about  our environment and the challenges of managing it. We’re also keen to hear your thoughts about Scotland’s nature, so it’s high time we embraced the opportunities created by new information technology.

This blog is about Scotland’s Nature: you can also follow our Coastal and Marine Team as they blog about their work beneath the waves: and staff working on our National Nature Reserves (NNRs) will be posting about their day-to-day work on some of the best wildlife sites in Scotland.

If you want more frequent nuggets of information you can follow us on Twitter @SNH_Tweets and our new Facebook page provides a platform for you to share with us and others the photographs, videos and experiences that you collect whilst out and about enjoying your natural environment.

Glen Affric NNR

The collection of videos on the SNH YouTube channel is growing week by week and our monthly e-newsletter was launched in March. You can subscribe to receive the newsletter by emailing Editions of our biannual e-magazine, Nature of Scotland, and a wealth of information about Scotland’s wildlife and our work, are always available on the SNH website.

The meeting of nature and technology continues with a trio of apps to help us celebrate Year of Natural Scotland. If you have an Apple device our Scotland’s Nature app showcases the best of Scotland’s wildlife and landscapes through amazing high definition photography, detailed articles, maps and stories. Users can watch short clips of Scotland’s species in the wild and listen to audio pieces containing rare sound bites, like the gurgling and popping sound of the Capercaillie.

Scotland's Big 5

A Scotland’s Big 5 app features info, photos and HD videos with a focus on five of our most iconic species. If you don’t have an Apple device, you can access the app on our website.  A third app will be launched on 13th May: with this you’ll be able to listen to some fascinating stories about nature, landscapes and history as you enjoy your View from the Train on some of Scotland’s most scenic journeys. All three apps are free and available from iTunes.

Like we said there’s a lot to tell you about and, thanks to Information Technology, there are now many ways to tell it – we hope you’ll join us.

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